A few thoughts on reading:

  • One of my goals for 2017 was to weave reading deeper into my daily life. I installed an app called Moment, and was shocked about how much time I was spending on my phone without realizing it. (Around an hour a day). I knew that if I spent even half that much time reading, it would be extremely beneficial to everything I do. One evening when I was immersed in a book I found myself thinking, “wow! I haven’t checked my phone in so long because I’ve been so busy reading.” That’s my goal.
  • I mostly read paper books so that I can write in them. I write all over them, scribble ideas, make connections, etc. Marginalia helps retention. I wrote more about my commonplace book here, and this post from Ryan Holiday is what inspired it if you want to dive deeper.
  • I listen to audiobooks while on long drives, but not while I’m home. I don’t find that they stick as well because I’m usually doing other things while listening, but they’re great for traveling. I use the Kindle app on my phone when in transit.
  • In this age of mass distraction, reading is an act of protest. It helps me direct my attention instead where I intend, instead of having it stolen from me.
  • What are your favorite books of the year? Let me know. Word of mouth recommendations are the best.