... Hydrocodone MUSIC VIDEO Dirt Nasty

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Hydrocodone MUSIC VIDEO

Hydrocodone MUSIC VIDEO

Dirt Nasty

October 18th, 2013


Hydrocodone off my new album PALATIAL with Andre Legacy and I, this one is for all of you people who like to sip lean, pop a vicodin, or whatever it maybe. This song makes you feel like you are swirling inside a cup of sizzurp or your rattling in a pill bottle. We take you on a journey through the medicinal world that is Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy. I want you to just put your head back, close your eyes, turn this one up and pretend you are in the dentist chair.


  1. Findo Gask says:

    Removed for “depiction of harmful activities.”

    Fuckin google ruins everything.

  2. per person says:

    nooo.. whare can i get the “no cat” version?

  3. Tyrannous says:


  4. selena says:

    2 turn tables & a microphone!

  5. Lola says:

    Get some hotter chicks in your videos, not bimbo (<- the British English word) generic twats !

  6. Mc.NinO says:

    sooo hooot i lik this sonng much

  7. Joel Alfano says:

    yeah put back the oxy and hdro to vamp this shit up! toping it off with the tnt cronic in true form.Dirt and the Legacy live long keep the shit real and keep it coming,if I puke dont trip, I will just start over ha lol

  8. T-HOOT says:

    Nice job man…come through to the site lets network man…def diggin your your grind.

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