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Who Farted In The Club?

Who Farted In The Club?

Dirt Nasty

September 22nd, 2013


Ya babies, you’re listening to “Who Farted In The Club” off my new album Palatial. This song explains itself with the title, we’ve all been in nightclubs before when someone lets one rip and starts looking around like who did it. Or perhaps you were the one who farted in the club and you just don’t want to take credit for it cause it’s so loud in the club you can rip one and let it squeak and no one will know. In any case I am not going to say if i am the culprit or not. This one is for all of us. We’ve smelt it, we’ve dealt it and now gonna have you’ve felt it. Ya “Who Farted In The Club” produced by Sid Roams.

  • Dr.WongEnd

    As a Dr., I too had to contemplate this exact question (which one of my co-workers farted out Satans bad breath, a smell so John Boehner’ish, a midget contracted mangina and all others got very sick and divorced their spouses,,,,just to get a closer seat to the nachos,,WHICH WERE FREE LARRY,,WERE PRETTY SURE IT WAS YOU LARRY!!) One night after discovering a cure for that insidious, felonious and even cathartic “other” odor emitted from a females genitalia (very similar to chipotle)after they have ingesticated large doses of 7-11 nachos (secretly made by nasa???), I was out with a few co-workers celebrating a battery powered menthol feminine super napkin (co-made by KOOL and us at UCLA) used to detour racoons, cats,dogs and other local wildlife and bears. Sadly our invention doesn’t work with farts because it weighs 78 lbs and also takes a small asian, or similar race to ride in a backpack to run the “nuclear napkin” as we fondly call it, but it cant process feces or textures similar,,only urine or whatever else is the liquids that come out of a ladies seafood platter, to be tecknical. This song truly is brave enough to explore the age old conundrum of “who the fuck just shit a demon” and then acts like,”huh,,what? i dont smell anything,,must have been you”. , and your like,,”get me my ninja throwing stars”.
    I hear you loud and clear Mr. Nasty. What a grandiose ear raper you have summoned with your diabolical black singing!! Becareful of the JEWS in your climb to the top of your industry. I see that your young and besides the money, they will suck your living soul and youth out of your very own anus if you actually name the person who literally and methodically “farted at the club”. If you ask me,,it was probably your so called friend Andre,,I see that lack of a sparkle in his eyes!! Let me ask you this question!! Does Andre love Mexican food or does he speak Mexican? If you answered yes or no to this question,,then one more question for you. Have you ever caught him eating a brown bean burrito with extra beans and then take pain pills for the anticipated pain for the aftermath of that meal or just take the pills in case he has pain in the future to be cautious? Whats happening inside his growing body is,,gas builds up from the presumable roadkill substituted for healthy L.A. pigeon (alot of times they call it Chicken) known to be used by the Taco Van/mobile porn production military complex. The pills ONLY MAKE THE SMELL WORSE!!! They dry up the insides just like when Madonna cant obtain life giving young man chowder to keep her alive. Andres insides are dried up massively from the opiates and since he doesnt seem like a good match or receptacle for youngman chowder injections,,the roadkill inside him starts to erode his living flesh and mixes together with blood and new stool from newer meals. Hes playing with a loaded gun when he feels the gas build up and probably as usual,,standing right behind you,,,plays Russian anus roulette by gambling with his ass, underwear,pants and socks and shoes by nervously,,,but most importantly,,SECRETLY fladgulating,,not knowing if it’s liquidious devils hotdog chili birth defector juice,,possibly ruining all his expensive clothing below the waste and THE WHOLE NIGHT,,or getting lucky and just ruining YOUR HARD EARNED attention of some great looking Sears underwear models. At this point I ask you mr. Nasty,,where is Mr. Legacy when each time you smell the atrocious woman repellant?? I think we both know,,and i don’t even know you!! If you ever need a body part transplant or manicure, I own the WongEnd medical institute for low cost bodypart removals. Were having a special this month, with any body part removal,,we will pay half off for a replacement part or give you a free manicure. Good luck Mr Nasty,,and remember “if it aint Wongway body part removals and manicures,,you probably went to far south and dont be scared,,thats my cousins butcher and non human meat delicatessen,,open 24-7,,leppers always treated for free on thurs!”

    • Shane Ares V Goodsky

      I am shocked and alarmed at the talent put into this song!!